’Tis the season to be joyful, happy and thankful’

It’s hard to believe that November is over and December is already here! The Preschool classroom has had so much fun this past month learning about friendship and Fall! The children (and teachers) have loved their fun and engaging music lessons, learning lots of new songs and playing a range of instruments from drums to shakers. The children have also learned dance from our wonderful returning instructor, Ms. Lysia.


During this busy month, we enjoy talking in the classroom about all of the special holidays that people celebrate. We tell stories about families, friends, love, giving and sharing. It is so wonderful for us to be able to share our holiday traditions and to learn about and appreciate our likenesses and differences. We also are excited for our annual holiday party, which includes a surprise visit from Santa!


Preschool is a wonderful opportunity for children to meet new people and to make friends with other children within the same age group. Our teaching staff are always observing and encouraging children to learn how to cooperate, to wait their turn, and to use language to communicate their needs and wants. This in turn leads to a positive fostering of relationships within the classroom.


The West Hillhurst Community Preschool offers classes for three- and four-year-old children. Using the in-house facilities of the community centre we are able to offer unique activities, including skating, soccer and music as part of our regular curriculum. For more information please visit our website: www.westhillhurstpreschool.com.

By Lisa Kelly 

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