General Registration Information

Important Dates

An Open House is held for prospective families early in the new year, prior to registration. 


Open registration generally occurs at the beginning of March.  Priority registration opens in the week or two prior to open registration.


Please refer to the 2019-20 Registration page for specific Open House and Registration dates.


Wait Lists

Wait lists for future years are not maintained prior to the start of registration.


Non-refundable Fees

A registration fee is payable at the time of registration.  These costs are updated yearly.

Each family is also required to hold a current WHCA membership throughout the duration of the preschool program.  Your WHCA membership will be renewed at the time of registration if necessary (renewal fees apply). 



Tuition costs vary based on the preschool class.  

Tuition is charged monthly (on the first day of the preceding month) with a deposit equal to one month's tuition due at the time of registration.  Monthly fees commence on August 1 (for September) through April 1 (for May).  The deposit is applied against June's tuition.



provincial subsidy is available to those families facing financial hardship. 


Payment Options

A credit card is required at the time of registration.  Payment may be made in full, or you may choose a monthly payment option.  For those families on the monthly payment plan, the expiry date of the credit card must be after the final payment (which occurs in April of the school year).  If your credit card is due to expire prior to the final payment, and you wish to choose the monthly payment plan, you may register in person at the WHCA main office or over the phone. 

Note: The Activenet fee only applies to online registration, there is no fee for registering in person or over the phone.



Withdrawal Policy

Written notice must be sent to the Registrar at least two full calendar months prior to withdrawal (for example, by November 1 for a January withdrawal.)  Fees are not pro-rated for mid-month withdrawals.  

Withdrawals prior to the start of the classes must be made before August 1 to avoid penalty.  



Registration is conducted online at the West Hillhurst Community Association's Online Services website.  If assistance is required, please contact the WHCA main office at 403-283-0464.