2023-2024 Registration


2024-25 Registration Dates

Registration for the 2024-25 school year for 3 to 5-year-old programs opens Feb 1 for current students, Feb 5th for alumni and Feb 7th for general public.


We do still have space in our currect 2023-2024 classes, please email registrar@westhillhurstpreschool.com to register. 


Note: Classes begin the week of September 4, 2024.


Age Eligibility

In order to be eligible for our 3 to 5-year-old Program, your child must turn three on or before September 3, 2024.

In order to be eligible for our 4 to 5-year-old Programs, your child must turn four on or before December 31.

*Kindergarten aged children are eligible to attend (they can attend kindergarten and preschool in the same day and still qualify for the affordability grant).


2024-25 Non-refundable Fees

-$35/year WHCA Annual Membership (if not already purchased/renewed through the end of June 2024).

-$50 Registration fee - charged on July 1st.

-$30 school supply kit - charged on September 1st (non-refundable after the session starts). 


2024-25 Monthly Tuition Fees

-2 Day Programs: $170/month - less the $75 affordability grant totaling $95 out of pocket cost. (less subsidy if you apply and qualify)

-3 Day Programs: $215/month - less the $75 affordability grant totaling $140 out of pocket cost.(less subsidy if you apply and qualify) 


Tuition is charged monthly (on the last day of each month). Monthly fees commence at the end of September and run through to the end of June (13th). The $75 affordability grant will automatically be applied to your account, you do not have to apply for this grant. Additionally, parents can also apply for the Child Care Subsidy Program (https://applychildcaresubsidy.alberta.ca/) - you MUST let our registrar know you have applied for the government subsidy so they can adjust your payment plan (registrar@westhillhurstpreschool.com).


Tuition payment plan examples

2 Day Programs:

-September 30th: $95 paid by the participant on an automatic credit card.

-October 15th: $75 paid through the government affordability grant for the month of September totaling $170 for the month of September.

-Repeats Oct-June, with a final payment on June 30th of $75 through the government affordability grant.


3 Day Programs:

-September 30th: $140 paid by the participant on an automatic credit card.

-October 15th: $75 will be paid through the government affordability grant for the month of September totaling $215 for the month of September.

-Repeats Oct-June, with a final payment June 30th of $75 through the government affordability grant.


West Hillhurst Preschool is participating in the Provincial Affordability Program.

All parents of children aged zero to kindergarten, will benefit from reduced fees through affordability grants. Funding is provided directly to operators and is to be used specifically to reduce fees. Fee reductions for 2024-2025 is a minimum of $75/month which will be automatically applied monthly to each student's account. 


Registering for multiple programs

Yes, you are able to register your child for multiple programs, but they must be on different days. Per our licensing, we are not allowed to have children in class for more than 4 hours/day. 

Example: All afternoons and mornings can be combined (if they are 4 by Dec 31) i.e., a combination of M/W/F am & T/Th pm, or M/W/F p.m. & T/Th a.m. You will only be charged once for the administration fee and the supply fee. 


Withdrawal Policy

Written notice must be sent to the Registrar at least two full calendar months prior to withdrawal (e.g., by November 1st for a January withdrawal). Fees are not prorated for mid-month withdrawals. Withdrawals prior to the start of classes must be made before July 1st to avoid penalty.


Registration Information

Registration is conducted online via the West Hillhurst Community Association's Online Services portal. You are encouraged to create your family's online account prior to registration and ensure that your child has been added to your account with his or her accurate birthdate.


Where to Register?

Online: February 1: Registration is open to returning students, February 5: Registration is open to Alumni families, February 7: Registration open to the General Public

In-Person: At the WHCA main office (by appointment only)

By Phone: 403-283-0464 (press 6) 

Note: The ActiveNet fees only apply to online registrations paid in full for the year. Do not pay in FULL for the school year as we need to apply the government affordability grant funds. All families should choose our month to month payment plan, and you will not be charged the service fee. There is also no fee for registering in person or over the phone.


Need Help?

If you experience any trouble registering, please call the WHCA main office at 403-283-0464, ext. 6