Happy New Year

2020 has arrived, and we are excited to begin a brand-new year at Preshool! December was as busy as ever, and the children worked very hard making a range of different art projects, which I’m sure will be displayed in your homes for many years. We enjoyed reading the story Stickman, and used the illustrations in the book to make our own stickmen in class. The Christmas party was a fantastic way to end the year, and I’m sure you would all agree that the children sang the songs they have been learning with Miss Melissa beautifully!


January will hold lots more fun for us as we talk about winter. The children will be exploring animals that live in the Arctic regions as well as local animals that hibernate. This month, we also start our ice-skating lessons with Ms. Donella, which we are all looking forward to!

The West Hillhurst Preschool is welcoming parents to our upcoming Open House to visit and view how the children learn and socialise through guided playing activities. Check out our bright and welcoming space as well as meet our Teachers on Wednesday, January 15 from 5–7pm or Saturday, February 23 from 2–4pm.


For the 2020-2021 Preschool year, we will once again be offering morning and afternoon classes for three- and four-year olds; open registration begins on March 2. For additional registration details or information on our Preschool programs, please visit our website: www.westhillhurstpreschool.com.

By Lisa Kelly

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