Spring has Sprung

April was an extremely fun time in preschool…we had ducks!! The children (and adults) were so excited when the duck eggs arrived, and we patiently waited every day for them to hatch!! Three days later, the excitement levels were through the roof!! The eggs started to crack and we had 4 ducklings!! Each class named their duck, watched how changed over three weeks, and even taught them to swim!! The ducks are now happily back at the farm!


After Spring break, each class started an Author. The children have been reading and learning lots of books by different authors, including Julia Donaldson, Eric Carle, Robert Munsch and Kevin Hankes. Throughout this topic the children have been taking on different character roles, learning about rhyme and patterns in stories, and taking part in sensory activities both indoors and in our Secret Garden.


At the end of this month, we will be getting caterpillars in the classroom so we can learn about their life cycle and how they change into butterflies. We will tell you more about this next month! 

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