New Life…

April was an extremely fun time in preschool…We had chicks!! The children (and adults) were so excited when the eggs arrived and we patiently waited every day for them to hatch!! A few days later the excitement levels were through the roof!! The eggs started to crack and just like that we had 4 chicks!! Each class got to name their class chick and watch how they grew and changed over the three weeks. We even taught them to swim!! The chicks are now happily back at the farm enjoying a more peaceful lifestyle!

As well as the arrival of the chicks, the classes blasted off into space with their jet packs on! The children had a chance to become astronauts and walk in space.  They also had an opportunity to become an astrologist for a day and look at all the animals in the sky.  Everyone had a great adventure and returned to Earth safely.

This month, soccer with Triple Meg returns and each class will take part in 4 sessions with Coach Steve and his team.  The children always enjoy these sessions and its lovely to see the skills that they develop in such a short period of time.

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