A new school year...

We hope you all enjoyed the Summer break with your family and friends!


The teachers have been busy planning lots of exciting topics and activities for the children. To help support orientation to Preschool, the teachers will be inviting the children (and parents) to a ‘meet the teachers’ at the start of September. Remember to check your mailbox for your special invite!


We are so lucky to have such a wonderful team of staff in the Preschool and we will be welcoming most of them back for the new term. Our wonderful Miss Giulliana will be the teacher for our Tuesday/Thursday morning class as well as continuing our Spanish programming on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. We are pleased that Miss Lisa will be returning as the teacher for Tuesday/Thursday afternoon classes and continuing her role of Preschool Administrator. Miss Cicely will be continuing Monday/Wednesday/Friday AM as the teacher as well as our Teaching Assistant for Tuesday and Thursday morning. Miss Vicki will be continuing as Teaching Assistant for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning class and Miss Damariz will continue to be the teaching assistant in our Spanish program with Miss Giulliana. Ms Damariz and Ms Vicki will job share the Tuesday/Thursday PM Teaching Assistant role, working alongside Miss Lisa. Our teachers are a vital component to the Preschool’s success, and we are thrilled to have a dynamic and wonderful team.



For more information please visit our website www.westhillhurstpreschool.com and check out our Facebook page ‘West Hillhurst Community Preschool’ to see all the exciting and fun things we get up too!

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