Happy Spring Everyone!

After Spring Break, we were all ready to get back to Preschool and see our friends! March was a busy month as we continued to work on our class topics. Space has been an extremely popular topic with all the children. From blasting off to the moon, dramatic play with the class rocket to pretending we are on the moon, walking on an air mattress! In craft, the children made their own spaceship for an alien they had designed and in circle time we looked at different constellations of stars in the sky.



Over the past few months we have been spending lots of time in class practicing our fine motor skills through lots of fun activities. We have been using playdough, teaching the children to stretch, roll, squeeze, pinch and cut. In the secret garden we have used water spray bottles to spray the walls, the trees and the ground, practicing squeezing the trigger. In class we use tongs to pick up lots of different objects and drop them into buckets. All of these activities help build the muscles in the children’s hands and promote hand/eye co-ordination. All such important skills needed for writing. 

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