Happy Summer, Everyone!

After the excitement of ducks in April, May did not disappoint with the arrival of caterpillars! The children enjoyed watching them grow and change into butterflies. The children watched the caterpillars move around and eat, and then, make their way to the lid of the container to start to pupate (become chrysalides). A few days later the teachers moved the chrysalides into the garden habitat and waited for the butterflies to emerge. We had a very emotional goodbye to the butterflies a week later, when we set them free in the Secret Garden. We have been looking out for them in the neighbourhood when we are out and about.


The Secret Garden is, as always, a hive of activity! The children create many culinary masterpieces, design daring obstacle courses, play with water and enjoy many imaginative games. The children are delighted by the fairies that have moved in, along with the sighting of ants, beetles and ladybugs that keep them company.


It is that time of year again when we have to say goodbye and good luck to some of our pupils as they start the next part of their education journey. We would all like to wish them all the best in Kindergarten, and even though we won’t be be having the traditional graduation, we will have individual class celebrations. 



Our deepest thanks to the team of teachers, parents, volunteers, and WHCA staff who have made this a successful and incredible year for the Preschool and our children.

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