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05. April 2019
Dinosaurs and animals are the perfect triggers to a naturally occurring psychological phenomenon known as ‘Extremely Intense Interests’ (or EII’s).

02. March 2019
Early exposure to a new language helps preschoolers get a full immersion when getting more formal classes in Kindergarten. In addition, it can be reinforced at home with educational TV programs, audio recordings and books.

21. August 2018
The first day of a new preschool, can be a mix of excitement and anxiety for both children and their parents. While some children just turn around and run excited to meet their classmates and teachers, others just can’t bear being separated from mom or dad. Some tears and anxiety can be normal the first day, but this behaviour can be extended for weeks or months if timely actions are not taken.

15. August 2018
Whether it’s your child’s first time at preschool or they are entering their second year, we are sure there is some excitement and apprehension about starting in September! Here are some tips on how to prepare for your child for the start of preschool:

15. August 2018
As your child grows from being a toddler to an energetic three year old, you may be considering sending him/her to preschool for the first time. But how do you know they are ready? Here are a few things to consider in the decision.

22. June 2018
We are pleased to announce the return of Ms Giulliana to the West Hillhurst Community Preschool. Our M/W/F afternoon classes for 2018-19 will be bilingual, taught in English and Spanish by Ms Giulliana. As well, there will be a Spanish language session in our Tu/Th afternoon classes.